Our 3D team is a symbiotic reunion of competent prized professionals with awards in various specialized media outlets, books and magazines.


One of our studio’s most requested services got four Silver Lions in Cannes on 2014 for our work in the Canon Ecofill campaign, created by Ogilvy Colombia.


This service is at the same time one of our greatest specialties and one of our most challenging activities. That is exactly the combination we strive for!!


Campaigns with vehicles are a challenge for any creative studio. Logistics, time and cost are factors that often limit creativity and sometimes turn good ideas into almost impossible jobs. At Studio Nuts we have developed a workflow suitable for the production involving cars, boats, airplanes, all in 3D.

These are highly complex images which require high level artistic ability and top-grade technical quality. In our services, we cherish and guarantee loyalty and a down-to-earth mentality that gets things done without ever setting aside our creative freedom. We offer high-quality 3D modeling, lighting and integration in post-production as well as loyalty and artistic freedom for both clients and the agency.


It is always challenging to create and give life to characters. Either hyper realistic or cartoon, we design all kinds of creatures in 3D which are still only in the minds of creative professionals and artists. Let us help you bring to life all the creations you have in mind. That’s what we do best.



The studio’s great advantage is the fact that we have artists from various creative fields in our team. Among them, are designers and architects who allow us to create not only hyper realistic environments, but above all, unique and original designs. We are able to recreate several locations that, for reasons of high-cost and troublesome logistics, if used in actuality, would prevent entire campaigns.


The production of 3D pack shots grants us great freedom and speed as well as the versatility to produce animations and presentations of prototypes even in early stages of development.

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