STUDIO NUTS is a collective creative studio composed of highly skilled visual and graphic
artisans who share a craving for film, music, photography, pop culture and chocolate bars.
Our eclectic team is a blend of award-winning directors, 2D and 3D CGI pros, digital
composers and illustrators. Together, we form an atmosphere of pulsating creativity which
encompasses all our art direction, design and filmmaking activities. This symbiosis results
in an exquisite and unique visual alchemy through and through.

Tico Moraes

Creative Director / Co-founder

Tico Moraes, Creative Director / Co Founder

Valéria Lima

Production Director / Co-founder

Production Director / Co Founder

Alexandre Cardoso

Senior CGI Artist

Alexandre Cardoso, Senior CGI Artist

Cristiane Amaral

Financial Director

Cristiane Amaral, Financial Director

George Rutherford

Creative Retoucher

George Rutherford, Creative Retoucher

Marcelo Souza

Senior CGI Artist

Marcelo Souza, Senior CGI Artist

Milton Fernandez

Senior CGI Artist

Milton Fernandez, Senior CGI Artist

Thiago Storino

Creative Retoucher

Thiago Storino, Creative Retoucher

Jana Villas-Bôas

Project Director

Jana Villas-Bôas, Project Director

Sofia Maldonado

Concept Artist

Sofia Maldonado, Concept Artist

Bárbara Carvalho

Junior Project Manager

Bárbara Carvalho, Junior Project Manager


Sleep Coordinator

Agatha, Sleep Coordinator