CLOSE UP: Bad Breath



Client: Closeup

Agency: Lowe&Partners Istanbul


Concept Art

Full CGI Production

Creative Retouch

A huge, stinking pig shows how bad breath can wreck a romance. That's the idea behind the briefing and concept that Lowe & Partners Istanbul wanted to make happen.


In order to bring the idea into life we exchanged a few phone calls and video conferences with the client. The agency told us they would send the photography plan and we were going to do the pig piece and post-production.

We told them that it was very important for us to learn all the information possible on the photography parameters. That meant what kind of lens to use, the distance between the camera and the actors, and camera positioning (its height).

With all that information we were able to produce the images in the 3D world. We also studied extensively the best way to create a pig that could bring expressions and personality to the idea. After all, it would be the center of attention.


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