Despite seeing a huge increase of 3D as a tool in advertising creation, the artistic possibilities of 2D illustration are endless. Rather than only worrying about the technique, we are concerned with the communication potential of the content we create.


2D illustration is not only still present and very much alive in our studio but it is also frequently merged with 3D, thus creating textures as well as rich and unique styles.


The creation of characters and settings always involves concept art.

For the characters we study silhouette, shapes, clothes and poses. In this sector we define much of what the characters are, also their personality and charisma. This step is the basis of every other stage in the production of a 3D character.


The same thing goes for architecture and environment. For these two, we define architectural styles, mood, camera angles, storytelling, etc.


It is one of the most important pre-production services and where we get an excellent visual overview of the project.

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