Damned ponies

CLIENT: Propaganda & Marketing Magazine Cannes Edition

AGENCY: Binder

IMAGE: Damned ponies



Concept Art

Full CGI Production

Creative Retouch

In Brazil, there once was a very well-known campaign called “Damned Ponies”, which you can check out here:

This campaign was a big success at Cannes Lions.

One year after its launch, a local magazine “Propaganda & Marketing” asked Art Directors and copywriters to publish an image or text which illustrated the ways to be awarded with one’s every day job.

The Binder agency then gave us the task to portray the Damned Ponies hunting a lion.


The creative director told us the idea over the phone and we thought it could be a very interesting image, sweet little ponies hunting a lion.

In this case we had nothing but an idea and a color reference sent by the agency.

First of all, we developed a concept. This way the creative director could tell us if it matched what was in his mind and guide us to the right path.

With their approval, we moved on to the modeling step.

After that, the final stage is post-production, in which we added some details that perhaps even the creative wouldn’t notice, but at the end, they made all the difference.