​​​​​​​The recycling of radiographs allows to avoid their deposition in landfills, thus minimizing the contamination of the environment, thus reducing their extraction in nature and the disastrous consequences that this process so often has, either by the destruction of natural areas or by the exploitation of local populations, often in developing countries. On the other hand, the silver resulting from its recycling has become a very important source of income for AMI's social work in Portugal through its 15 equipment and social responses spread from the north to the south of the country and islands.

"An x-ray can show the best of you."
A S S E T S  S T O C K  I M A G E :
A S S E T S  C G I :
Agency: VMLY&R Lisbon
Client: AMI
(Assistência Médica Internacional / International Medical Assistance)

Account: Catarina Glória
Creative Director: Pedro Ferreira
Art Director: Leonardo Pinheiro
Copywriter: Sofia Moutinho

CGI Artist: Rodrigo Henrique, Kim Mendonça
Creative Retoucher: Thiago Storino, Cauê Andrade
Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas

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