On March 18, 1981, António Variações gave his first concert. From then on, Lisbon's nightlife was never the same. 41 years later, the greatest Portuguese pop artist of all time returned to the stage to perform “Canção de Engate” with the band from the film Variações. A hologram performance, fully filmed by the audience in low light with the Galaxy S22.
Studio Nuts was responsible for developing the hologram for the concert and the campaign images. Once only low-resolution photos and videos were available, we had to recreate in CGI Antonio Variações's face to prepare the deepfake.

 T H E  C O N C E R T :

C A M P A I G N  I M A G E S :

N E W S :

A N T Ó N I O  V A R I A Ç Õ E S  :​​​​​​​
António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro, known as António Variações, was a Portuguese singer and songwriter in the early 1980s. His short discography continued to influence Portuguese music in the decades after his early death at the age of 39, thus leaving a legacy for times to come.

M A K I N G  O F :
Agency: Uzina Portugal
Client: Samsung Portugal

Account Director: António Ataíde
Account: Fátima Mahomed, Gonçalo Motta
Producer: Virgínia Palma
Creative Director: Susana Albuquerque
Art Director: Micael Nunes
Copywriter: Francisco Carvalho

Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Project Manager: Gabriela Lima
Account & Producer: Vanessa Nunes
3D Character modelling, Lookdev: Marlon Nunez, Tiago Piloto
Deepfake Supervisor & Post-production: Kim Mendonça
Character poses: Maurício Mazza
CGI / VFX Supervisor: Kim Mendonça
Facial Rig: NuBoyana
Shooting director: Daryan Dornelles
Photography director: Aline Belfort
1st assistant: João Grama
2nd assistant: Stefano
Antonio Variações: Sergio Praia
Guarda roupa: Patricia Domingues
Make-up & Grooming: Magali
Color Grading: Marco Amaral (The Yellow Color)
Still images 3D production: Kim Mendonça, Tiago Piloto & Mauricio Mazza
Still images Creative Retoucher:  Thiago Storino
Videocase, Behind the Scenes: Afonso Girão​​​​​​​

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