In October 2022, we hosted two photography interns from Lithuania through the Erasmus program. We gave them the task so that each could create two images using the resources they wanted from Studio Nuts (illustration, 3D, photography, image retouching).
Viktorija Abraityte, had the idea of a giant wave invading the city of Lisbon with a surfer enjoying the moment.
I N T E R N S H I P  B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S :
Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Producer: Vanessa Nunes
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Photographer (internship):  Edita Balčiuvienė
Photographer (Mentorship): Daryan Dornelles 
Make up: Magali
Wardrobe: Mia Lourenço
Talent Agency: Good Casting
Project Manager: Gabi Lima
CGI Artist: Thiago Piloto, Rodrigo Felix
Concept Artist: Lara Pseudo, João Freire
Creative Retoucher: Thiago Storino, Rafael Casagrande

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