Football returns to its usual place.
Wunderman Thompson Madrid and Movistar have unveiled a heartwarming campaign that celebrates football's deep-rooted bond with its fans. Titled "Football returns to its usual place", this campaign is a testament to Movistar's enduring leadership and rich legacy in delivering top-notch football content. By weaving together the tales of fans and their cherished memories, it emphasizes the pivotal role that Movistar has played over the years. Produced with the creative brilliance of Studio Nuts (mixing photography and CGI), the campaign poignantly underscores the unparalleled emotions and connections that football fosters in its global community, and the significance of Movistar as its cherished home.
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Madrid
Client: Movistar

Creative General Director: David Caballero
ECD: Oscar Amodia Director
Creative: Lolo Ortega
Copywriter: Lolo Ortega, Joaquín Fagetti, Mario Bravo, Lucía Santos
Art Direction: Luiz Medeiros, Álvaro Gorostidi, Joan Guardiola
Strategy Director: Ana Alonso
Strategic Planning: María Riber
Client Director: Clara C. Pérez de Castro
Account Director: Marta Fernández
Account: Sara García, Paula Sánchez, Laura Torres
Production Director: Pablo García
Producer: Juan Torres

Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valéria Lima
Project Director: Janaina Villas-Bôas
Project Manager: Gabriela Lima
Photographer: Daryan Dornelles
3D Artist: Hamilton Junior
Creative Retouch: Rafael Falconi, Luiz Miranda, Thiago Storino

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