We decided to create a new way to introduce our team. At the studio we always joke that each of us has special skills. Every member of this incredible team was born with super powers and that combined we’re invincible.
So we though that it would be funny to have a game between us. We present: Studio Nuts. The game.

Creative Director / Founder: Tico Moraes 
Production Director /Founder: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Concept Artist: Sofia Maldonado
Photographer: Daryan Dornelles
Financial Director: Cristiane Amaral
Financial Consultant: Lina Ventura
Senior CGI Artist: Alexandre Cardoso
Senior CGI Artist: Kim Mendonça
CGI Artist: Ricardo Neto
Creative Retoucher: Thiago Storino
Creative Retoucher: Cauê Andrade
Animator: Maurício Mazza
Account / Brazil Office: Alessandra Mendonça

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