Casa Shopping isn't just another mall; it stands as Brazil's premier hub for design, decoration, and architecture. Sprawled expansively, it houses a top-tier gym for fitness enthusiasts and an exquisite food court to satiate every culinary whim. The creative minds at Brick Advertising Agency envisioned the essence of Casa Shopping with a simple yet profound concept: "Craft Your Own World for Your Home." Rising to the occasion, Studio Nuts transformed this vision into tangible art, producing captivating images and a mesmerizing animation to encapsulate the campaign's heart and soul.
Agency: Brick Brazil
Client: Casa Shopping (Design, Decoration Mall)

Production Director: Valeria Lima
Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Art Director: Arthur Porto
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Project Manager e Account: Gabi Lima
Concept Artist: João Freire
Modelling and Shading: Tiago Piloto e Kim Mendonça
Creative Retouching: Thiago Storino
3D Animation: Maurício Mazza e João Figueiras
Motion graphics: Matheus Rezende
Lighting and rendering: Kim Mendonça
Composite & VFX: Kim Mendonça
Color Grading: Daniel Laranja
Audio: Loop Reclame

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