Created by Samsung, in partnership with Advertising agency Fbiz, and produced by Endemol Shine Brasil, the reality show Let’s Dance with Nightography premiered yesterday (09).
The show puts 12 up-and-coming influencers to use TikTok using the full power of Galaxy S22 5G smartphone cameras. In the end, one of them will be part of Team Galaxy, a team of Samsung influencers that includes names like Juliette, Anitta, Pedro Sampaio, and Maisa Silva, who presents the reality show.
Let's Dance, which will have six weekly episodes on Samsung's official TikTok and YouTube channels, also shown on MTV Brasil, will challenge competitors to create a new internet dance from scratch, from the conceptual idea, through the choreography to the editing and video publishing. This way, the challenge is not just creating a dance but relevant, fun, and shareable content.
M A K I N G  O F :
Agency: FBiz - São Paulo
Client: Samsung


CEOs: Paulo Loeb & Fernand Alphen
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Fedrizzi
Creative Director: Maicon Pinheiro
Associate Creative Director: Ricardo Andrés & Bianca Agneli

Creatives: Renato Fernandes, Felipe Azambuja, Gustavo Torres, Luana Leide, Marina Carlesso,
 Lucas Alcorta, Fernando Martins, Lucas Mendes, Gabriel Covelli,
Gabriel Sawaya, Guilherme Woll & Mariana Ferrari
Content Manager: João Marcon
Content: Kamila Damasio
RTVC/Artbuyer: Gisele Miranda
Planning: Rodrigo Vieira, Guilherme Paiola
CMO: Carolina Buzetto
Media: Eduardo Couto, Damares Pereira, Larissa Botti, Marcela Viana, Camilla Pontes,
Gabriel Castro, Leticia Martins, Mateus Porteles
Analytics: Larissa Sitta, Fernando Ruiz, Ana Deolindo, Pamela Silva, Luiz Felipe Souza Moreira, Mariana Diegues
Insights: Rodrigo Doval, Maria Farnettani
Business: Eliana Ricci, Raphael Varella, Bruna Trevisan, João Victor Coelho
PR: Otávio Almeida
Photographer: Marcus Hausser
Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valéria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Project Manager: Gabriela Lima
Account Director: Alessandra Mendonça
Background Modelling & Look dev: Adam Pierre, Rodrigo Felix, Tiago Piloto
Creative Retoucher: Rafael Casagrande, Thiago Storino
3D Animation: Mauricio Mazza & João Figueiras
Animation look dev & rendering: Kim Mendonça
Composite & pos-production: Kim Mendonça, Matheus Rezende

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