A triumph of engineering and sustainable design, the 3-wheel TUGA combines the footprint
and maneuverability of a motorcycle with the protection and comfort of a car.

S T O R Y B O A R D :
Client: Tuga Innovations
Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Art Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Project Manager: Gabi Lima
Producer: Vanessa Nunes
3D Modelling: Tiago Piloto, Kim Mendonça, Rodrigo Felix, Adam Pierre
Look Dev: Kim Mendonça, Tiago Piloto, Adam Pierre
Animation: Maurício Mazza, João Figueiras
Creative Retoucher: Thiago Storino
Concept / Storyboard: João Freire
Creative Retoucher: Rafael Casagrande, Thiago Storino
Motion Designer / Edit: Matheus Rezende

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