Studio Nuts has partnered with the advertising agency Made Rio to craft a compelling campaign aimed at combatting domestic violence. This innovative campaign draws inspiration from the world of horror cinema to vividly depict the harrowing ordeals endured by individuals ensnared in the vicious cycle of domestic abuse. By skillfully juxtaposing their real-life hardships with the cinematic intensity reminiscent of horror films, this campaign serves as a stark and urgent reminder of the imperative to confront this enduring issue. 
The campaign was officially unveiled in September, coinciding with the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, known as Motel/X.
 Made & Studio Nuts
Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima (APAV) 
Portuguese Victim Support Association
& Somos Todas Marias

Creatives: Álvaro Rodrigues & Tico Moraes
Film Director: Sérgio Henriques
DOP: Miguel Robalo
Camera Assistance: Francisco Lory & João Pereira
Direction Assistence: Afonso Girão
Actors: Eloy Patrício, Vanessa, Dora Alves
Executive Production: Valéria Lima
Production: Studio Nuts
Producer: Vanessa Nunes
Make-up, make up FX: Magali
Editor: Sérgio Henriques, Kim Mendonça
Post Production: Kim Mendonça
Color grading: Pedro Conforti
Sound Company: Sonido & Sphere Trax
Soundtrack: Sefi Carmel
Special thanks: Paulo Henriques, Samuel Amaral, 

Cascais School of Arts & João Monteiro (MOTEL/X)

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