The perfect blend of two pillars of Brazilian culture.
Funk and football are two forms of urban art.
Through them, young people from the favela and the asphalt show their talent and find a means of expression.
Therefore, we use it as the visual language of our campaign. A democratic art that we find on the city walls, in the favela, and on the asphalt. And that always spoke so well with funk and football.
S T R E E T  A R T​​​​​​​
FO O T B A L L  C A R D S :

Football players and funkeiro are almost always people who came from the bottom and fought hard to rise in life. 
Therefore, they are proud of their stories. So much pride that they insist
on leaving these stories marked on their skin. 
Tattoos are a fundamental part of
funk and football culture. 
And it is through them that we will talk about our series.
T A T T O O S :
Client: Paramount +
Viacom Brasil
Head de Creative: Mariano Borgognone
Creative Manager: Túlio Pires Bragança
Art Director: Vinicius Prado
Production Coordinator: Joana Garcia Ferreira
Production Assistant: Jennifer Oliveira

Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Art Director: Tico Moraes, Rafael Casagrande
Copywriter: Rodrigo Mendonça
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Project Manager: Gabi Lima
Account: Alessandra Mendonça
2D Grafitti Illustrator: Louis Baldini
2D Tattoo Illustrator: João Freire
Photographer: Daryan Dornelles
Make Up: Bel Lüscher
Photo producer: Vanessa Nunes
Creative Retoucher: Rafael Casagrande, Thiago Storino

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