"Not all that threatens travelers can be easily detected."
Health and safety regulations vary from country to country. Unfortunately, a lack of hygiene on the part of the many individuals responsible for delivering food to a restaurant’s table, including product suppliers, delivery drivers, and restaurant staff, puts travelers at risk of contracting diseases. This campaign alerted travelers to the risk of foodborne diseases and directed them to their doctors to seek vaccination.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness - Australia

:: Client Services Director: Samantha Stuart
:: Account Manager: Emma Crimmins
:: Executive Creative Director: Craig Chester
:: Senior Art Director: Jamie Toh
:: Copywriter: Kate Wilson

CGI: Alexandre Cardoso, Kim Mendonça, André Mello, Marcelo Souza, João Grembecki
Concept Artist: Pedro Henrique Ferreira
Post-production: Thiago Storino
Producer: Juliana Miranda, Valéria Lima

Production Director: Valéria Lima
Project Director: Jana Villas-Bôas

Creative Director: Tico Moraes (Studio Nuts)

"Not all that threatens travellers can be easily detected"

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