Fortnite debuted a partnership with Havaianas, a popular brand of slippers, which includes an unprecedented island for players to enjoy. The island will also have a minigame, a kind of "Among Us reverse", where everyone knows who the killers are, while the other players need to hide around the map.

Fortnite Special Collection
The partnership between Fortnite and Havaianas also includes special models of the slippers, with prints from the game. Figures and characters such as DJ Yonder, Brite Bomber, and the Battle Bus will be available between sizes 35/6 and 45/6.
Studio Nuts
Agency: Cheil Brasil - SP
Client: Havaianas / Fornite

Director: Tatiana Pacheco
CCO: Marcello Droopy / Claudio Lima
Head Planning: Paula Queiroz
Head Gaming: Douglas Santos
Gaming Specialist: Bernardo Pereira
Creative Directors: Rafael Palermo / Guiga Giacomo
Copywriter: Rafael Palermo / Marcio Bittencourt
Art Director: Rafa Dias / Victor Pereira / Thomaz Wellaussen / Rafael Dias / Giulia D'Andrea
Head Production: Regina Shnaider
Producer: Luciano Carvalho
Account: Camila Paioli Cardoso / Douglas Santos / Bernardo Mendes
Translator: Sandra Leite
Project Manager: Douglas Santos

Creative Director: Tico Moraes
Production Director: Valeria Lima
Project Director: Janaína Villas-Bôas
Account: Alessandra Mendonça
CGI Artist: Adam Pierre e Kim Mendonça
Creative Retoucher: Cauê Andrade

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